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WNC Wellness Dialogues

Welcome to the WNC Wellness Dialogues.

Mountain Xpress is developing a crowd-sourced journalism project that allows folks (both laypeople and experts) to voice and discuss their opinions on health-related issues.

We hope these discussions will lead to an increased knowledge of locally available goods, services and support groups — as well as a greater awareness of various healing modalities and how they are purported to work.

To get things started, we invite your response to the following question:

“Where does wellness come from?”

Please answer in the comment field below.
(many more social media options soon to come)

We will compile and organize the responses — and then move on to a new question.

Scope, purpose & process:

All published data will be accessible on the “WNC Health & Wellness” landing page within the Mountain Xpress website. This landing page will present:

• local news & discussion posts from MX staff, citizen journalists and area health-related websites,

• a moderated Twitter feed,

• Forum discussions,

• a directory of local health-care professionals,

• a calendar of upcoming health-related events and…

• other features

The section will explore different healing and wellness modalities offered in WNC, keeping an open mind to new and unproven approaches.

Discussions will be kept at a respectful and thoughtful level.

Contributions and guidance from citizens and health-professionals will be encouraged, while maintaining an awareness of the inherent conflict between the goals of publicity and of impartial, though impassioned journalism.